Hatch Warren & Beggarwood Community Association is a charity, number 1161117. The charity exists to provide, run and manage the Hatch Warren & Beggarwood Community Centre's and to provide social and educational facilities to improve the conditions of life for the residents of Hatch Warren, Beggarwood and Kempshott Rise.  Our area of benefit has now grown to include all houses in postcode RG22 and RG23.


The Warren Youth Club run by HWBCA opened in 2009 and is the only youth facility in Hatch Warren and Beggarwood. Our team of trained youth workers and devoted volunteers focus on encouraging inclusion for all, raising confidence, improving knowledge and awareness of what each individual can achieve, and general life skills to form them into well-rounded and actively responsible members of their community. It is now reliant on grant funding income and support from HWBCA to ensure on-going sustainability. It continues to provide excellent youth activities for 10-17 year olds. Vicky, our Youth Club Manager, has worked incredibly hard to bring in grant funding to support the youth project.

As a charity, we are reliant on volunteers to assist us in providing such an excellent facility and interesting events for our community. We rely on a core group of volunteers to serve in various capacities at our events by shopping, planning, setting up and cleaning away after events or help run the Association as trustees. We would welcome nominations from anyone who feels that they could spend some time out helping to manage their local community Centre or assist in helping at an event as many hands make light work for all!


Our Managing Trustees, the Management Committee, for the Centre for 2020/21 is as follows:

Trustee Officers

Chairperson : Nick Elms

Vice Chairperson: Jenny Bounds

Treasurer: Adriana Czop

Secretary: TBA

Answering to the officers:

Executive Officer : Clare Pearce

Committe Members

Kelly Dillon

Sandrine Dufour-Mantere

Nick Elms

Anne-Marie Mealey

Terri Reid

Gordon Potter

Ron Gallagher

Mike Roberts

Andy Murphy

Rev May Barker

Finally, the Trustees would like to thank again our staff at the Centre who work long hours to open and close the building, and co-ordinate various events and activities.



  • To continue to promote a successful satellite facility at Beggarwood community centre incorporating the community space of Café in The Park, ensuring self- sustainability.

  • To promote the Warren youth project and look to open on additional nights by finding new ways for encouraging funding and volunteering.

  • To continue to run successful annual events to ensure a surplus is available for improvements and maintaining the services at the community centre.

  • To continue marketing through social media and updated Web facilities

  • To continue to assist Hampshire County Council by confirming our position of a designated Emergency Prepared Rest Centre


The trustees took ownership of our satellite facility at Beggarwood community centre in Feb 2018. It is an amazing space for the whole community to gather. Café in the Park is an independent community run café offering homemade cakes and high-quality beverages at affordable rates, using local suppliers!

Our trained staff will interact with visitors aiming to understand any isolation or loneliness felt by our customers.

We offer training opportunities, encouraging both young students and older retired people to join our volunteer team in the focal point of the community, boosting their confidence and social skills.

Café in the Park is a tool for social purpose and community benefit, offering discounted lunches on the first Wednesday each month. It offers an attractive space and resource for community cohesion and engagement, with many regular groups during the day and evening.

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